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Who We Are

We are Western Energy

Western Energy wants to save you the time of dealing with several providers by streamlining your bills, saving you time and money.

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Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant cash advance is a way for small businesses to raise finance against their future credit card sales.....

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Business Insurance

If you run a business, finding the right insurance for you, at a price you can afford, isn’t easy. That’s where we can help.....

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Business Loan

Need a business loan? Find out about secured and unsecured finance, peer-to-peer, crowdfunding and government-backed business start-up loans......

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At the Business Utility Hub we can help all business water customers, regardless of size or consumption levels, or where you are in the country.....

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We supply businesses across the UK with cost effective and reliable essential business services, - including water, energy and telecoms.

I tried several different approaches in looking to get finance for the premises I needed for my business. Searching via westernenergy.co.uk was by the far the best and ended up getting me the result I wanted!